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Silverlast Productions is a company that excels in the entertainment business! Whether it is by creating and marketing new music or producing, implementing and promoting live events, we are constantly networking, collaborating to deliver top notch quality and unforgettable entertainment.


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We understand that every tour has its unique requirements and our production team is dedicated to provide artists with the latest production trends. As one of the leading event production companies in the entertainment industry, we are always searching for the latest tendencies to remain on the cutting edge of success in today’s competitive marketplace.


Our team will help our clients establish the visual feel of their event, outline specific equipment needs, and provide them with a seasoned staff of industry professionals, including Audio & Video Technicians, Stage Managers, Production Assistants, Technical Translators and Stage Hands among others.


We are not an agency.

We deliver an experience!

Customizing events from design to execution for annual meetings and/or holiday parties as well as larger audiences such as award ceremonies and conventions.

We will deliver lights, sound, video, staging and special effects. We can also assist you with securing a special talent for your event. No matter the size, or setting for the occasion – what really matters is our client’s vision!

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